While most new vehicles come with backup cameras, older models often aren't equipped and this puts you and the people around you at greater risk. Equip your vehicle with a car backup camera system from Method Mobile and improve your driving experience.

Why You Should Install a Backup Camera

You already have a rearview mirror to see behind you, but this limits your view to a much smaller area than what you receive with a backup camera. Edmonton drivers who choose to stick to just a rearview mirror are unable to see below their rear window, whereas drivers who install a backup camera receive a wide-angle view with no blind spots.

This means that with a car backup camera, you significantly reduce your risk of accidents. You are able to see everything behind you, including objects that are too low down to be visible in your mirror, such as bicycles and toys.

Backup cameras can also save lives; they enable you to see young children and pets passing behind your vehicle, allowing you to stop backing up in time.


Improve Parking

With a backup camera, you also receive guidelines to help you park. Use the lines displayed on the screen to help you stay in the middle of your parking space. Park more quickly and reduce the chance of hitting something with your car that could lead to scratches or dents.

This system is highly useful for Edmonton area drivers with larger vehicles, because it makes it much easier to maneuver into tight spaces. For those with trucks and/or who tow trailers, a backup camera is an asset in more ways than one.

Backup Cameras with Sensors

Adding a car backup sensor to your system is even better. The sensor will emit a warning noise whenever your car is too close to an object. This is ideal for parking, especially to prevent hitting a person or animal that moves behind you.

Backup Camera Installation

At Method Mobile, we provide backup camera installation. Edmonton drivers can purchase a Momento system, which combines a backup camera and sensor and we will perform the backup camera installation at our Edmonton area location. Start driving more safely and prevent costly accidents as soon as you get back on the road!

If you live in or around Edmonton and are looking for high quality backup camera solutions, call us for more information.


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