Waxing your car every couple months may keep it shiny, but wax can actually end up damaging the paint, due to the high paraffin content. As paraffin is oily, dust and grit sticks to it after you apply it to your car. Then, when you rub the oil, tiny particles cause invisible scratches in the paintwork. These cuts allow acid rain and more dust to build up, further damaging the paint.

For these reasons, a far better option is paint protection film. Edmonton area vehicle owners will notice a difference right after they apply the film — there will be no new scratches or defects in the paintwork. For maximum protection, it's important to choose the right film.


XPEL Protects the Finish of Your Vehicle

XPEL is best choice for paint protection film. XPEL Ultimate provides cutting-edge protection against stone chips, bugs, acids, surface scratches, and weathering. It also mimics the finish of a factory clear coat. You can receive XPEL installation at Method Mobile in the Edmonton area.

How We Apply Paint Protection

Edmonton area drivers bring their vehicles to Method Mobile, where our technicians will then remove any existing wax before installing the film. We then apply a wash and wax on top.

Only professionals should apply car paint protection. This is because the product contains chemicals that can be harmful if you are not using the right safety equipment. Plus, it's necessary to remove all wax and oil from the surface of the car first for the protection to work. Anything left on the paintwork will be sealed in and may cause damage like scratches or swirls.

10-Year Limited Warranty Included

XPEL paint protection film comes with a limited 10-year warranty (parts and labour) for the original purchaser. This warranty provides you with protection against:

  • Staining, yellowing or hazing

  • Installation defects

  • Peeling or bubbling

  • Cracking

Due to the nature of the thickness of any paint protection film, including XPEL, the warranty does not cover the following:

  • Pressure washer burns or tears

  • Improper care

  • Rock chips or deep scratches

XPEL Ultimate Paint-Protection Features

  • Self-healing Clear Coat

  • Anti-Staining

  • Anti-Yellowing

  • Anti-Hazing

  • No UV filter - this ensures that your car paint will fade uniformly across the entire vehicle

  • Next to invisible

  • Helps hide minor existing paint defects

  • Great for protecting headlights and foglights

  • 10-Year Parts and Labour Warranty