Taking a road trip with the family can be great fun, but it can quickly turn into a stressful experience if you have nothing to keep the kids entertained. Rear seat screens are a top solution in many situations.


Families with Young Kids

If your kids are too young to have their own phones or tablets, a built-in entertainment system is a great option, and gives you more control over what they watch and how much screen time they receive.

Leave Tablets at Home

Prefer to leave the tablets at home? Whether you want to pack light or wish to reduce the risk of your tablets being lost, stolen, or damaged, an entertainment system in the car ensures that the journey is fun without the need for extra devices.

A Better Experience

The newest rear seat entertainment systems, like the ones from Method Mobile, often provide a far better experience than you get with a handheld system. Screens are bigger and of higher quality, they connect to a range of devices, and you can enjoy everything hands free.


Integrated Entertainment That You Control

At Method Mobile, we offer several different options for a rear seat entertainment system.

Ceiling Mounted

The New X10 10.2” Ceiling Mount System is designed meet the changing entertainment source needs of today’s vehicle owners and their families. The X10 model includes a hi-res LCD display, overhead DVD player, 50 video games, HDMI input for smartphones, an iPhone® / iPod Touch® interface with free iTunes® app (optional harness required), and AUX input for media sources.


  • GAMING: 50 built-in video games

  • WIRELESS: Wireless remote control — 2 fold

  • Flat headphones

  • DISPLAY: 10.2" hi-res digital LCD display

  • MEDIA: FM transmitter

  • SCREEN: Tilt screen

  • 3-year product warranty


Headrest Screen and Video System

Headrest monitors elevate the in-vehicle entertainment experience with amazing video quality. The system’s integrated digital technology keeps the video signals from the player and HDMI connections in digital form throughout the playback process so pictures look absolutely incredible and colors stay true to its original state.

  • 7-inch headrest

  • System with tilt capability

  • Built-in DVD player

  • DVD/CD/MP3 playback

  • AV inputs (X2) and AV output

  • HDMI Connectivity

  • Matching factory headrests (colour and seam)

  • Independent or share viewing

  • Dual headphones

  • FM modulated audio

  • Remote control

  • 3-year product warranty