Start Your Vehicle from Your Phone with Drone Mobile™ Compatible devices.

Method Mobile is your Remote Car Starter Expert in the Edmonton area. We do things a little differently than other shops.


Top Quality

We only use the best technology for every remote car starter. Edmonton area drivers can trust us to provide them with the highest quality — we never compromise by using outdated tech, sub-par materials, or factory seconds.

All the remote starters available from our shop in Edmonton have an excellent transmitter range, allowing you to start, stop, lock, and unlock your car even from a long distance.

The Latest Technology

We stay up to date on the newest advancements in vehicle electronics and technology in all things remote car starter. Sherwood Park drivers can rest assured that they are receiving the latest and greatest. We only sell products that we believe in and that have the lowest defect rates available on the market.

For instance, all the remote starters we sell in Sherwood Park have engine speed sensing to monitor engine RPMs. This ensures that your car does start, even if the first attempt fails — such as on a cold day. It also provides over-rev protection to prevent damage to your vehicle.

Lifetime Warranties

We always provide our clients with a lifetime warranty on products and remote starter installation. Edmonton area drivers will receive this in addition to the manufacturer's warranty on the product. We are an R&D remote car starter installation location for several manufacturers of remote car starter technologies, including Compustar remote starter. Edmonton area clients can choose between several different systems to find one that is best suited to their needs.


Remote Car Starter Installation

We don't skimp or compromise on shop supplies or tools when it comes to car starter installation. Edmonton area clients trust us, as they know that we fully solder every connection and make sure the job is done right the first time. We invest time and money to provide you with a top-notch service. We are able to keep our prices down, because our clients never need to pay for our mistakes. We go above and beyond what is necessary.

If you live in Edmonton, Sherwood Park or one of the surrounding areas, call us for more information on how our installations are different from those of our competitors as well as details about the products and supplies we use: 780.449.0666