Keep Your Car In Its Prime

Left unprotected, the interior surfaces of your car — the dashboard, leather, fabrics, and plastics — can deteriorate and discolour from relentless exposure to the sun’s heat and UV rays. Plus, UV rays are dangerous for your health, causing sunburn and long-term skin damage. This can be a serious risk if you are commuting to work on a daily basis or taking long trips in the car.

Anyone who drives in the heat of the summer in the Edmonton area knows how unpleasant — or even impossible — it can be to get inside a car that has been sitting in the sun. It is like sitting inside an oven. With window tinting, your vehicle will always maintain a cool interior.

Prime Window Film from Method Mobile

At Method Mobile, we install vehicles with Prime Window Film car window tinting. Edmonton area clients should choose this product if they want top protection for the optimal driving experience.

Benefits of Prime Window Film

With Prime Window Film auto tinting, Edmonton area drivers receive the following benefits:

  • Superior Heat Rejection — You can even park your car in full sunlight without needing to worry about it heating up.

  • UV Ray Protection — Block up to 99 percent of UV light with our window tinting. Edmonton cars with Prime Window Film never suffer from faded upholstery.

  • Greater Clarity — Maintain a clear view of the road while driving in Sherwood Park.

  • Reduced Glare — You will also notice a significant decrease from glare in bright light conditions.

  • Stay Comfortable — Whatever the weather, you will feel comfortable in your vehicle when you have our auto window tinting. Edmonton area drivers who choose Prime Window Film have better control over the interior temperature of their vehicles.

  • Crystal Clear Signal Reception — You have no need to worry about reduced signal reception when you choose our window tinting. Sherwood Park and area reception stays as strong as ever.

  • Ceramic Particle Technology Available — Exclusive Prime XR* contains ceramic particles that filter out the sun’s infrared radiation. This makes them more effective than the traditional metallized or dyed films typically found in auto window tinting.

  • Improved Privacy — Whether you’re driving or parked in Sherwood Park, Edmonton or beyond, no one will be able to peer into your vehicle. This provides you with greater privacy in traffic and better security when your car is left unattended.

  • Smart Appearance — Car window tinting improves the appearance of the exterior of your vehicle, increasing its resale value and its appeal to potential buyers in Edmonton and beyond.

*Exclusive Prime XR - contains ceramic particles that filter out the sun’s infrared radiation — making them more effective than traditional metallized or dyed films.